Retargeting With The Facebook Pixel

How would you feel if I told you that the majority of people who visit your website will never come back. I know, and that sounds pretty misreable, but its the unfortunate truth. To be honest, it’s not really as bleak as all that though, and I’ll get to why shortly. First, lets explore this a bit further.

Starting from the top, you put in all this time, effort, money, and energy into getting your site built and, if you’re sensible, getting traffic. Maybe you’ve shared in Facebook groups. Maybe you’ve shared it in forums. Maybe you’ve even paid for some Google or Facebook ads.

So, lets say you are successful, and all of these people come to your page. Chances are, unless your site is well optimised, 99% of them leave immediately. And the ones that do stay, don’t stay around for long. It’d be fairly easy to come to the conclusion that you’ve just wasted your time.

Here’s the thing: this happens to most websites. The typical website has a very high bounce rate. This metric measures how quickly people click the back button after they land on a website. It can be depressing…

With this is mind, is it any surprise that most websites don’t make any money. How can they? Most people don’t stick around long enough to make a purchase. And then, because the average human concentration span is now around 6 seconds (yes, shorter than a Goldfish!!) they forget about the website as soon as they have left it.


So why do we bother building websites? Is there any point?


For the average website it’s a numbers’ game, and you better have the time, effort, and yes, a large budget to make those numbers happen. If 99% of people don’t stick around, you’ll need 10,000 people to visit the site, to have 100 stay a while, and if you can spark some interest in 20% of those, and convert those 20% into buyers, thats a grand total of 20 sales from those 10,000 initial visitors.


This is why we focus on things like:

  • SEO – better SEO results in more traffic
  • Site speed – better loading speed means more people will stick around
  • Copy writing – better copy will induce visitor to become customers
  • Clear Call’s To Action – people need to be told what to do when they visit your site

OK. So you’ve done some work, and more people are sticking around, lets say 10% stick around and have a look at some of your site. But what about that other 90%? Are they just collateral damage?

This is where retargeting comes into its own. A well executed retargeting campaign can mean that those 90% don’t forget about you immediately, and even come back, and become customers.

Thanks to Facebook’s retargeting pixel, when somebody finds their way to your website, and doesn’t do anything, they get tagged by the Facebook Pixel (as long as you have installed it on your site) and you can then target them with ads once they go to Facebook, or to websites, or apps that use the Facebook ad network. You remind them who you are, and why they visited your site. If you do it well, you turn them into customers.

You might think that this is a small thing, but according to marketing research, this converts 40% of lost sales. This can mean the difference between making a decent profit and making an awesome profit. This can mean the difference between breaking even and generating a small profit, or going belly-up. The choice is yours.

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Now, go forth and prosper!!