How to set up a viral competition on Facebook

OK, you have a great product, and can deliver it at a great price. You’ve set up a landing page, and all your payment processes are in place.

But… You have zero traffic, or at least not enough to make all the time and effort you put into getting things set up worthwhile.

So, you try a Facebook post… “Hey everyone, I’ve got this great thing, and it’s a great price…”


No-one notices. No-one cares…

Its time to break out the big guns, it’s time for a viral competition…

Here’s how it works.

You choose a product which has value to your audience, but a low enough production cost that you can afford to give away a few copies in exchange for some traffic. For the sake of this article, let’s say the product is a book on raising children.

You also price that book high enough that you can offer a 50% discount and still make a profit. For example, your list price is $39, but you can still make a profit selling it at $19.

Now you have the product ready to go, let’s talk about the campaign.

What you will need to run the campaign:

While this can be done manually, it’s a right pain in the backside, and I am not even going to tell you how to do it, because I like you too much. Therefore, you’ll need a viral competition software. There are a bunch of these out there, but the 3 I am familiar with are: 
Viralsweeps – very comprehensive, but also expensive
King Sumo – Possibly not as feature rich as Viralsweeps, but still very capable and a lot cheaper 
Upviral – to be honest, I havent tried this, but have heard good things
A messaging or email system. This can easily be done with an email autoresponder, but I’m all about Messenger marketing, so i’ll run through the Manychat version
Either a decent sized organic following on a social media platform, or a budget for Facebook ads (which also requires a Facebook business page and Business Manager). 


So here we go….

Step 1: Create a post about your product. Graphic with an image of the book, and text saying ENTER TO WIN! I’m not here to teach you copy writing, so i’ll just say this; write something engaging that shows people how much they want that shiz…

Step 2: Send them into a simple bot, via an link. Its easier to show than tell, so below is how the bot flow looks (this is a flow I used when I gave away 10 family holidays in Thailand)


Step 3: Enter to win button leads to viral competition software. I used viralsweep for mine, but any of the aforementioned will do. The basic premise is that for each action the entrant gets more entries. You can really stack this up, for example
10 entries for subscribing to Youtube channel
12 for instagram follow
23 for sharing on Facebook
Make it to tempting to say no.

Step 4: Viral software sends their email to your autoresponder, where you have a campaign set up to trigger when a new email arrives.

The first (day 0) email says:
“Hey (whoever the heck you is)
Congratulations, you’re entered to win ‘The Book’
Dont want to wait on chance? Get 50% off your copy now. Click here…”

Day 1 go to your viral software and draw the first winner. Send an email and a bot broadcast to all subscribers (must be within 24 hours for the bot to stay within FB broadcast 24+1 rules)
“Hey (whoever the heck you is)
We’ve announced our first winner of ‘The Book’
Click here to see if its you… 
Want more entries? Click here (leads to viral page again)
Dont want to wait on chance? Get 50% off your copy now. Click here…”

Winners are are announced on simple landing page – todays winner is john jo**@******.com. John, reach out to us to claim your prize’ (you’ve already reached out to john via email and messenger to let him know that he’s won)
Day 2 – rinse and repeat

The more copies you are willing to give away, the longer you can string it out, and the more subscribers and sales you’re likely to have.

Now go forth and prosper